Celtic Couple , the concept
Cornish wood sculpture from beech tree trunk
Cornish garden sculpture
Cornish tree sculpture, setting out the design with wax crayon.
Sculpture in a Cornish garden.
Hollow wood sculpture in a Cornish landscape.
Peter Boex using the chain saw to cut away the waste wood.
Hole in the Cornish sculpture.
The Cornish Celtic Couple taking shape.
The Cornish sculpture lets light in.
The character in the Cornish garden sculpture.
Celtic Couple, a Cornish garden sculpture.
The Celtic Couple flowing lines.
The heads have arrived but only the test shapes .
Celtic Couple nearly finished.
Celtic Couple Cornish garden sculpture finished
Celtic Couple , the concept
Celtic Couple , the concept
The continuous line in Celtic art is the foundation of the maquette for the Celtic couple.