Wood & Stone Carving

Artist carver of wood and stone, Peter has a sculpture garden open to the public by arrangement. His sculptures are suitable for the patio, garden and larger formal gardens as well as for parkland spaces.

Peter also has smaller pieces suitable for interior spaces and a range of bronze resin castings which are ideal for gifts and leaving presents.

The Sculpture Hut recently opened in Helston Cornwall
Peter in the early stages of carving a wood sculpture

About Peter

I started sculpting as an intuitive process in my childhood and it became my life. For now I am focusing on organic forms, torsos and masks and interpreting these images in different materials and in different combinations. It is the experimentation and experience of new materials that results in inspiring images. I have drawn influences from Mediterranean islands, Caribbean beaches and the Cornish landscape.

I work with many different stones and woods to interpret my ideas, and in different scales and locations, to display them. My large outdoor sculpture garden works as a gallery and gives me the opportunity to see the pieces in different lights, backgrounds, environments and settings. Each of us responds to stimuli in different ways. It is these responses that I find informative and I try to incorporate these reactions into my sculpture.

We live in a world of images and forms that combine in different ways to inform us about the environment we live in. Visually impaired people rely on sound and feel but have reduced image stimulation so the sense of touch is very informative. This is why I encourage people to feel my sculptures and to enjoy the textural changes, on the all important, sculptural surface.  “Holding an eroded shell or walking in an ancient landscape are both inspirations for my time influenced sculptures.”

A large wooden outdoor carving
Wooden insects carved in wood
A wooden carving of a famous Harold Lloyd scene
A stone sculpture in an outdoor park in Cornwall
Peter also produces smaller stone sculptures for inside the home.
A hand carved gravestone
Peter has recently completed hand carved pieces for Truro cathedral.

Contact Details

I will have a new website soon showcasing the full range of my work.

Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any questions you may have or if you wish to discuss a commission for a sculpture.

Peter Boex

Salena Stamps
TR13 0ER

01326 563002